WSIE is People-Focused

A Synthesis of the Possible



Here is a preview of the 2017 theatres, unboardrooms, salons, labs:


Sustainable Living
Inspired By Nature’s Intelligence

Work In The Age Of Robots
Global Brain & Brilliant Factory

Picturing Intelligence
Intersecting Art & Technology

Heart As A Mediator
Fashion In The Age Of Intelligence

UX Undercover
Millennials & The New Interface

Happy Materials
Color Me Beautiful

Empathy For Peace
Better Museums, Better Mindsets

Real Sensations
Virtual Reality Meets Haptics

Designing Intelligence
Crossing the Moral Line


Predicting The World
Deep Shifts Through Machine Learning

Economics Of Intelligence
Money Matters

Vision Beyond The Visible
Capturing The World In New Ways

No Terrorist Finances
AI Fights Money-Laundering

No AI Sexism
Disrupting Silicon Valley

Gracism & Intelligence

Unblocking Blockchain
Disrupting Trust

Connect & Employ, Slim & Experience

Immersive Internet
Transforming Lives

Media Literacy :

Technologies Of Peace
Building New Industries

Solving For 169
Intergenerational Innovations

Immersive Education
Graduate New Game-Changers

How We Touch Customers
Intelligent Consumerism

Cities Rust Belt
Intelligence And The New City

The Future of Travel
Share & Care

Venture Finance
Innovate Difficult Things Again

Frugal InsurTech
The Truth – Powered by AI & IoT

Mobile Conversions
Use Them or Lose Them

Hacking Democracy
Redesigning Bad Systems

40 Bytes Revolution
Unblocking Block Chain

Fly High
Stay Grounded

Intelligent Commerce
Bricks or Clicks/em>


Shaping Mindsets
Self Discovery & Wealth Nations

Business Eject Button
Fire CEO’s. Hire AI

Shaping Financial Lives
It’s The Innovation DNA

Booming Brains
Neuroscience Sells

For Smarter Electronics
Converging AI x IoT

Yes, Unusual Creativity
Record Breaking Brands

Stinging & Hacking
Business Immunity

Science In 2037
Living In The Future

New Wireless Worlds
Change Is In The Air

Work Futures
A Postcard From 2037

Reinventing How We Play
Micro Experiences For All

The Morality Of Bits & Bots
Engineering x Human x Machine

Human In The Loop
Computational Empathy To The Rescue

Disruptive Intelligence
The Next Frontier

The Sea Of Dudes
Diversity Fatigue Solved

Fiction, Reality, & Us

The Intelligent Workplace
Solve Important Human Problems

The AI Cloud
Shaping How We Create

Experiencing Space
Insanely Immersive

Smarter Security
No Cyber Pearl Harbor

Wiring Empathy
Future of AI Is Female

Robots Of Grace
Will They Displace Humans?

The Experience City
A Sea of Sensors & Sensitivity

Singularity Is Not Near
Here Is Why!

Humanity & Space
Risks & Returns

The Next Interface
Perceptions, Devices, Mobilit


Treating Cancer

Happiness First
Disrupt Crime, Develop Communities

Non-Invasive Devices
Reinventing Pain Relief

Future Of Wellbeing
AI, Robotics, & Ethical Designs

Breakthroughs In Health
Is AI The Future of Healthcare?

Mining Genetic Links
How Does Cognitive Computing Speed Discoveries

Universal Accessibility
How Do We Accelerate Accessibility Innovations?

Individualized Care
How Do We Harness Data & Things

Scaling Up Faster
How Do We Clear The Hurdles To Disruptive Tech

Saving More Lives At Birth
How To Avert a Global Health Crises

Designing Drugs Faster
Digitizing the Production Chain

Happiness Is Not A Plan
Designing Happiness

Science Of Smile
Robots In Medicine

Online Extremism
Alter The Mindsets of Millions

Analog to Celestial
The Billion People Game

Instant Wellbeing
The AI Way

Curing With Light
Objects That Sense & Disinfect

Wasteless Chains
Rethinking Wellbeings


Fighting Poverty
Peace, Redefined

Creating Future Materials
Advancing Welfare

Terminating Toxicity
For A Cleaner Generation

Food, Security, & Nutrition
Can AI Feed The World?

The Additive Economy
Designer Things & Beings

Citizen R&D
The World Is Your Lab

Industrial Ubiquity
Impact Multi-Trillion Dollars of Economic Activity

Replacing Silicon
No More Moore’s Law

Blockchain 4.0
Shaping the Industrial Internet

Embedded Intelligence
Factory 4.0 Lies in Automation

Factory Of the Future
Better Safety : Better Outcomes

The Autonomous Economy
Shared, Electric, & Autonomous?

The Human Factor
Humans, Morals, & Machines


Provocative Authenticity
Lessons from Millennials

Responsible Urbanization
Connected, Inclusive, Safer

Slim Cities, Secure Cities
Solving Growing Threats

Mobility & Urbanism
Elegant Human Augmentation

Design Citizenship
People & The City

Create Energy Objects That Sense & Do

Home, Safe Home
The Transforming City

Crowdfunding Cities
Booming Schemes

1 Terawatt, $1Trillion
Scaling Up Clean Energy

Pedaling For Life
Slimming Cities Through Bikesharing

Cities As Algorithms
The Role of AI in Dense Resource-Scare Places

Connected Intelligence
Disrupting Legacy Telecom

We offer an experience

Of hybridity and hyper-connectivity

Filled with an intricate intermingling of people, designs and solutions. and disrupts. A composition of the chaos, efficiencies and intelligence shaping tomorrow’s world of Human x Machine.


WSIE 2017 will intersect more than 200 stories about culture, decisioning systems, operating models, technologies and products across 4 ecosystems & 6 sectors. To build a new chain of reaction of powerful images for boundless innovations. Resulting in an unforgettable synthesis among people and between sectors.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?


Will Health Breakthroughs Heal Many By 2030?


Why Do We Need Better Creative People?


Will Modern Energy Run 50% Of The World By 2030?

Is Digital A Good Thing?