Here is a “draft” preview of the 2019 stories. Told live by an impressive line-up of remarkable speakers and members in a sensational environment filled with innovation town hall meetings, theatres, unBoardrooms, interactive salons and interactive mashups.



How do we deliver a smarter generation of personalized and differentiated services, products and experiences?


Autonomous Services Triangle

– Functional, Experiential, Intelligent

Rule 1: Focus on Experience, Not Tech

– Rule 2: Never Forget Rule 1

Shopping X.0

– No Lines, No Cashiers

Creepy Cryptos

– Coming To Grips With Coins

Fantastic Travel

– The Future Of Flight

Intelligent Insurance

– Kill The Intermediary

Autonomous Business Models

– Fate of Banks & Retail

Peers Inc. Marketplaces

– Sharing Under Pressure

The New Living Business

– Smarter Mindsets, Better Growth

Intelligent Leadership

– Augment CEOs, Hire AIOs

Decentralize Yourself

– The YOU Services Value Chain

AI & The Financial System

– All Eyes On UnHacking It

Future Stores

– Don’t Sell Anything!

The Cashless Society

– Serving The Unconnected

The Future of Free

– Customers Are Not Products

Augmented Hospitality

– Immersive Meets Escapism

Exponential Glass

– Dynamic Displays, Winning Wearables

Online Monopolies

– Bigger Is Better (for Shareholders)

Decentralize Yourself

– The YOU Services Value Chain

AI & The Financial System

– All Eyes On UnHacking It

Future Stores

– Don’t Sell Anything!

The Cashless Society

– Serving The Unconnected

The Future of Free

– Customers Are Not Products

Augmented Hospitality

– Immersive Meets Escapism

Exponential Glass

– Dynamic Displays, Winning Wearables

Online Monopolies

– Bigger Is Better (for Shareholders)



How do we create transcendental lifestyle solutions that intersect materials, technology, habits and physical spaces?


Beautiful Lifestyles

– Fashion & Freedom in the Age of AI

YOU, Machine?

– The Machinic Life

The New Living Business

– Smarter Mindsets, Better Growth

More of Moore

– Print Me A Lifestyle

Personalized Fashion

– Made To Measure

Smarter Films

– Stories That Change Billions

Purpose of Oz!

– Growing Up Sustainable

Time for Applied Intelligence

– Bye Siri, Beyond Alexa

Private Machine Translators

– In Your Pocket, Ears & Fabric

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

– Designers: Hack Your Digital Biases

Generation Future + AI

– A Match Made in… (TBD)

More Than Just Diversity

– Of #MeToo, Men (& Machines)

Experiential Footprints

– Will AI Hack Our Memories?

Hands Off

– Voice & Vision, The New Interface

Extracting Extreme Value

– The New Peer-to-Peer Lifestyle

Ethical & Explainable Lifestyles

– How Human & Machine Can Co-exist



How do we draw inspiration from nature to engineer biotech, digital and visual health innovations?


BioDigital Health

– Nature, Science & Technology

Solving Diseases

– Advanced Machine Learning

Personalized Heath

– Cheap, Visual & Tailored

Robo Surgeons Check

– Are We Ready?

Patient Generated Data

– Big Mining, Bigger Care

NeuroScience Sells

– Your Next Blooming Brain

Rethinking Hospitals

– Human x Machine Partnerships

Drug Pricing

– A World Of Financial Toxicity

Brain/Machine Interfacing

– Rewiring The Nervous System

If Automation = Wellbeing

– We’ll Be Sexier, Maybe Dumber

Alternative Healing

– Medicine: In Danger

Everything (Eye) Wear

– I Wear It For You (& My Health)

The Shape of Food to Come

– Design + Tech + Behavior + (Food)

Smaller, Smarter Biochips

– Magical Medical Bullets

Exponential Healthcare Reforms

– How To Get It Right

Designer Beings

– Build (NOT) To Out-Last, Out-Rule


of Work

How do we design smarter forms of intelligence that amplify’s people intellect, mold mindsets and advance skills.


#Intelligent Innovations [x]

– Ethical, Experiential, Explainable & Exponential

Re-designing Work

– Human [x] Machine Secrets

A New Era of Contextual Intelligence

– Sense & Decide, Act & Explain

Exponential Machines

– More to Augment, Less to Replace

Memo to Humans

– Never Get Outsmarted

Agility in the Age of Anxiety

– Brilliant Brains + Brainy Machines

Beings, Bits & Bots

– Moral Human [x] Machine Alliances

Untangling Workforce Experiences

– Being Personal Counts

Learning, Re-imagined

– From Impractical to Smarter

Creative Living Spaces

– End of Cubes

Skills, Scenes & Sensations

– Augmented Reality Meets Haptics

Agile Design for Millennials

– AI, the Young & the Restless

You Can Count On Empathy

– The Pursuit of Competitiveness

In Search of Serendipity

– Intersecting Art & Technology

Ultra Productive Supply Chains

– The AI $5.8T Value Opportunity

Instant Assistants

– Real AI Is Waiting For You



How do we digitalize industrials to support intelligent systems, exponential devices andd decisioning?


Industrial X.0 – Part I

– Biological x Physical x Digital x Social

Industrials X.0 – Part II

– It’s Human x Machine Teaming

Connecting Three Internets

– People, Information, Things

Talking Autonomous

– Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Industralizing Space

– Opportunities In Material Sciences

Goodbye Old Factory

– More Work, Less Workforce

Personalized Manufacturing

– Smarting From 3D Printing

Mobile Augmented Reality

– Real Business Applications

The DroneFather, Part IV

– Internet Of Airborne Things

Blockchain Changes Everything

– Remaking Supply Chains

Transforming Farming

– AI To The Rescue

Smarter Car Sharing Models

– Hand-in-Hand With EVs

The Shape of Things to Come

– Hyper-personalized Offerings

Exponential Energy Explorations

– Smarter, Deeper, Cleaner

Energy+ Places

– Produce More Than Consume

Limitless Nuclear Fusion Energy

– The Time Has Come



How do we build smarter infrastructure that enables connected work, live and play environments?


Exponential Transportation

– 4 Scenarios, 44 Signposts

Intelligent Automation

– Do, or Do Not, There is No Try

The New Living Car

– Bed & Beyond

Exponential Leadership

– Augment CEOs, Hire AIOs

Autonomous Airports

– Fantastical Engineering

A Big Bet on Sharing

– Why Invest In Infrastructure

AI Trade Wars

– Let’s Tell You the Odds

Cyber Resilient Business

– Secure More, Assume Less

Blockchain Disruptions

– Trusted #Intelligent Innovations

Planes, Picture Perfect

– But Where Is the Experience

The Post-Millennial Infrastructure

– An Always-On Society

1 Trillion Sensors

– A Nano Revolution On Track

Spoken Solutions

– Explain Yourself

The Creative E-Bike

– Smarter Phones On Wheels

Better Batteries, Smarter Life

– Powering Up The Infrastructure

Plugging to 0

– EV Charging Stations



How do we architect beautiful and functional cities that unite emotional, physical and digital innovations?


Intelligent Cities in the Age of AI

– Emotional, Physical & Digital

Un-Bullshit: Creativity & the City

– Building Data-Driven Brands

The Making of an Intelligent City

– Entrepreneurs First

Cities & Collision Density

– What Millennials Want

Cities of Everything, Livable!

– Things Are Looking App

The 5G City, Healthy?

– How it Will Transform Society

Controlling Autonomous Cities

– Design to Serve NOT to Slave

Decentralizing Centralized

– Unblocking The Citizenchain

Cities-As-A-Theatre (CaaT)

– Design Experiences, Tell Stories

I Feel Good, So Good

– The Architecture Effect

Don’t Worry, Price Happy

– Incubating Happy Cultures

Solar Housing

– Lighting The Way

Biodiversity 101

– Switch Off Your Lights

Cybersecure Your City

– And How To Back It Up

Livable Urban Design

– … & the Winners Are

Connect Cities, Null Nations

– The Linux of Common Law

We offer an experience

Of hybridity and hyper-connectivity

Filled with an intricate intermingling of people, designs and solutions. and disrupts. A composition of the chaos, efficiencies and intelligence shaping tomorrow’s world of Human [x] Machine.


WSIE 2019 will share more than 100 stories that explore how to design higher intelligence that shape the future of business and society. We will showcase how top companies and cities are designing new intelligent innovations [x] that artfully integrate relevant ethics, explainable intelligence, exponential breakthroughs and smarter experiences. By intersecting transformational stories from across 4 ecosystems & 7 sectors. To build a new chain of reaction of powerful images for boundless innovations. Resulting in an unforgettable synthesis among people and between sectors.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?


Will Health Breakthroughs Heal Many By 2030?


Why Do We Need Better Creative People?


Will Modern Energy Run 50% Of The World By 2030?

Is Digital A Good Thing?